Born in1979, OLIVIER CHANZY grew up in Bouzeronin Burgundy’s Côte Chalonnaise. He studied winemaking with Burgundy greats, then, traveled the world to learn the trade in different regions (Sancerre, Shenandoah Valley etc.). In 2008/2009 the family winery in Burgundy was sold,and Olivier moved to the Rhône Valley for four years where he was winemaker for Chateau Bizard. DOMAINE CHANZY went back on the market in 2012, but he was unable to reclaim it. The following August, he acquired some run-down facilities in Meursault and began a wild adventure, renovating buildings, installing new tanks and starting the harvest within a matter of days. As Christy Canterbury MW, states, in The New Face of France: The Seemingly Impossible Rise of Olivier Chanzy,

"Olivier Chanzy is quite clearly part of the newgeneration of “can do” France. His triumphant story is a tale of determination and a dose of good luck".


Olivier sources from the best Pinot Noir and Chardonnay vineyards in Burgundy, thanks to years of well-developed relations with some of the region’s top names. His central mission isto bring forth the lieux dits (named vineyards) in each appellation with respect to terroirs, using extended low-temperature techniques and fine barrel and stainless steel aging for 12to18 months to bring together finesse, power and elegance in the final wine.

He works with two main French oak coopers (Chassin and Damy), using fine grain woods with medium toasts. He avoids mechanical intervention as much as possible (no filtration for example). Olivier Chanzy wines are the product of just one person, and his goal is to make his wines recognizable from the very first aromas on the nose, a trademark Olivier Chanzy style on each wine, each appellation, each lieu dit.


As Olivier Chanzy notes:

"My work in wine is before all a passion and a love for the land. Burgundy has this unique gift that it offers a diversity of terroirs, allowing usto work with single grape varieties (Aligote, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir) and to focus on and perfect the best possible balance of a wine, soasto give each one a true identity."