There is no name more closely associated with the CÔTEAUX DE LANGUEDOC region than that of Clavel, for it was the brilliant wine historian JEAN CLAVEL who founded the Côteaux de Languedoc appellation in 1985.

Jean’s son, PIERRE CLAVEL, along with his wife Estelle and their two sons, now run the Domaine Clavel.  The family owns 82 acres stretching across four sub-regions of the Côteaux de Languedoc :  La Méjanelle, Saint Christol, Pic Saint Loup, and Grés de Montpellier.


All of the viticulture at Domaine Clavel is focused on sustainability, and eschewing the use of chemicals.  The vineyard is 100% organic, with no herbicides or fungicides used.  This requires intense manual labor, with the soil regularly worked to help roots dig in deeper, and keeping vine foliage trimmed.

No GMOs or products derived from GMOs are used.  The family seeks to preserve the region’s biodiversity, and balance in organic matter. Only those vines and plants which are best adapted to the natural conditions of the soil and climate are chosen to be planted.

The hot and dry Mediterranean climate helps to concentrate the grapes, and the mix of sea breezes and norther winds from the Mistral keep the vines clean and free from disease.


“Excellence in what I produce, in all humility, in truthfulness, and the simplest expression of my terroir.”  

 With these words, Pierre Clavel sums up his philosophy towards wine and life.