Third generation SANCERRE producer FRANCK MILLET and wife BETTY own 54 acres of prime vineyard property based in Bué, one of the most important locations for top-quality Sancerre.  The majority of the Domaine’s white vineyards are located on limestone, and the majority of the red vineyards are located on clay.


The Vineyards

All the Domaine’s vineyards are hand-harvested and, prior to harvest, a team goes through the vineyard for a first “green harvest” sorting, removing unwanted leaves, stems and inadequate grapes.  

There is a static racking of the must, with slow, low-temperature fermentation in thermo-regulated stainless steel vats for 7 to 10 weeks.  The lees are stirred for three weeks, and there is no malolactic fermentation.  A final light filtration provides Franck’s wines with a bright minerality, with impressive suppleness and roundness.


The Winemaking Philosophy

"To ensure aromatic quality, you have to remove everything that is not fruit.  The finesse of wine, this is where it is made". - Franck MILLET