France, Loire Valley


The Family

The RAIMBAULT family represents the very definition of a legendary SANCERRE winemaking family, having been winegrowers for ten generations right in the heart of the region.

The current generation, father & son ROGER AND DIDIER RAIMBAULT, own 43 acres of Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir on the sharp slopes ofVerdigny and Sury en Vaux, widely acknowledged as the two best growing areas in Sancerre.

The Vineyard

The Raimbault holdings cover both the caillotes and the famous terres blanches terroirson steep slopes rising up to 1,000 feet high. It is the caillotes soil of marl and gravel which gives the wines florality, and it is the terres blanches mix of limestone and clay (kimmeridgian marls) which gives a bigger style, producing an opulent wine which requires time to open up and develop its complex aromas and flavors. These special growing conditions demand that the vines are cultivated with great care, using simple Guyot shoot training and bud removal to stimulate vigor. Soils are worked to minimize herbicide use and grass is planted to fight erosion.

It is the diversity of the Raimbault micro-terroirs that makes these wines exceptional and unique in the world of Sauvignon Blanc production.


The Winemaking Philosophy

"We cannot make a good wine with bad grapes", states Didier RAIMBAULT.

"In order to fully express the terroir, our vines are cultivated with great care, all year long. We strive to maintain vigor in the vines in order to harvest healthy and well-balanced grapes."