MAISON PHILIPPE PRIÉ has been producing extraordinary wine in the CÔTE DES BAR region of Champagne since 1737, where the Maison owns 57 acres of 30-year-old vines. It is one of the oldest producers in the region, with the ownership and winemaking skills passed from generation to generation of the same family. The latest generation of the family, represented by FABIENNE PRIÉ, took over the reins of the winey in the 1990’s, elevating the wines to an unprecedented level of quality, adding a feminine influence recognized by the press to great acclaim.


The Côte des Bar appellation marks the transition between the plains of Champagne to the north and the rolling slopes of Burgundy to the south, In the department of the Aube, lying just north of the town of Chablis.As such, the soil in the Côte des Bar more closely resembles that of Chablis - - Kimmeridgian marl topped by Portlandian limestone - - than that of the vineyards near Epernay and Reims, which is composed mostly of Cretaceous chalk, and this is what makes the wines of Fabienne PRIÉ so special in the world of Champagne.


As Fabienne PRIÉ notes,

"My goal is to fully respect the diversified terroirs and the complicated micro-climates which make up our Côte des Bar appellation. As such, my philosophy is to achieve the ultimate balance of delicacy and elegance, as well as bring a more feminine influence to the wines."