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Italy - Piedmont

Piedmont sits in 6th place out of Italy’s 20 major wine regions for production volume. It has more DOCGs, Italy’s top wine classification, than any other region in the country. There is a grand total of 59 denominations, and 21 grape varietals currently producing. The most recognized and reputable of the Piedmont grape varietals, is Nebbiolo. Nebbiolo is named after the foggy climate of the Apennines. Piedmont, as a whole, is located in the far the north-west of Italy and sits inside of the Alps with its borders that meet France to the west and Switzerland to the north. There are two major factors go into the particular climate of Apennines. They are: the cold front that comes down from the Alps and the warmth that drifts in from the Mediterranean Sea. This diurnal temperature variation is visible through the thick morning fog - nebbia - which the Nebbiolo grape gets its name from.

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