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Our Mission

"Authenticity, character, and the purest expression of terroir

are the guiding principles at Serge Doré Selections."

Since our founding in 1996, our mission has been to seek out and present a selection of the finest wines. These wines are chosen for the elements which collectively make them authentic:

The terroir, climate, and people.

The people – the human element – at its best brings forth a true sense of place in the wine. The way in which the terroir is expressed is crucial as it acts as the signature of not only the land, but its people as well...

In the years since the company’s founding, Serge has developed a portfolio of unique wines, mostly unknown to the U.S., from more than 75 suppliers and have received top ratings from the best wine critics including: Wine Spectator magazine, Wine Enthusiast Magazine, Robert Parker’s ‘The Wine Advocate’, Vinous, and Stephen Tanzer’s International Wine Cellar. The wines are often among the favorites of influential restaurateurs and oenophiles across the United States.

Serge frequently travels to seek out wines and the people behind them. Because of his persistent sense of curiosity, it has led him to some magnificent discoveries within the small producers sector that truly embody the definition of authenticity.

 As part of his longstanding collaborations and friendships with some of Europe’s most distinguished winemakers such as Stéphane Derenoncourt, Michel Tardieu, Eric Boissenot, and Philippe Cambie, Serge is able to participate in the final blending of many of our wines.

From the long-established terroirs with soils formed over millions of years, to vines both young and old, rooting themselves in the soil’s minerals, to the yearly fluctuations of weather and the daily toil of working in the fields, the art and science of creating wine is an eternal story of people and places.

Full of both passion and struggle, wine, if nothing else, is the truest expression of a human story.


Who is Serge Doré?

Born and raised in a village in Quebec, Canada, Serge was inspired at an early by the hospitality and cuisine of his mother who ran, La Villa Doré, his family’s local inn and restaurant.
When he was sixteen, Serge went to work for Maître Jules who was named the Quebec’s Best Sommelier in Quebec in 1963. Jules became one of Serge’s early mentors and encouraged him to develop his burgeoning passion for wine.
Sometime later, Serge met Champlain Charest, the founder of Bistro à Champlain, who was to become not only a lifelong mentor, but friend as well. Together, they were able to explore the art of tasting wine, always making sure to pour out the laughs hidden inside the bottle.  
After studying at the Institut de Tourisme et de l’Hôtellerie du Québec and HEC Montréal, he joined Vins Philippe Dandurand, one of the most important wine brokers in Canada, to learn the wine business.
After working as Account Manager for Schenley Canada for several years, Serge then moved to New York in 1993.  During his early years in Manhattan, he became friends with several of the most innovative chefs, such as Jean-Georges Vongerichten, who were able to influence not only Serge's palate, but the way he selects his wines as well.  His relationships with vinters and restaurateurs along with his expertise and love for wine led him to found his own business, Serge Doré Selections, in 1996.

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