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Southern Rhône, France


AOC Gigondas


35 hl/ha of 50-year old Grenache vines; 25-year old Syrah & Mourvèdre vines



60% Grenache

30% Syrah
10% Mourvèdre


Hand-harvested grapes, de-stemmed & sorted in the vineyard and again at the winery. Long-vatting for 25-days to maximize extraction in temperature-controlled tanks.


Aging is done in subterranean cement tanks for several months before bottling.

La Grand Comtadine Gigondas NV.jpg

Located in the Rhône region in southeastern France, the winery of La Grand Comtadine was built in 1929 and had two adjacent hectares of vineyards. The origin of the vineyards on and surrounding the property predate the devastating 1860’s blight of Phylloxera. The upkeep of the vineyards was further affected by economic hardship, the First World War and its aftermath.

Fact Sheets: 2019, 2018, 2016

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